International Group for Safety & Security (IGSS) is a Kuwaiti based company established early in 2012 in order to better serve the special needs of diverse governmental ministries, sectors, as well as private companies serving these sectors. The founder and Chairman of IGSS, Retired Major General Sulaiman Mohammed AlShehab, envisioned the establishment of a reputable company with special skills across various sectors in order to introduce dynamic, innovative companies and technologies with the specific goal of better serving the country. Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Sulaiman served 34 years in the Kuwait Air Forces and specialized in the field of Communications, Maintenance, Hardware and Software Solutions, as well as Project Management. The IGSS CEO, retired Brigadier General Naseem Saad Al Naseem, joined IGSS and instilled new energy and a progressive vision for the company based on a combination of factors including vast professional experience(s) of the core team, expertise in Kuwaiti laws, regulations, and an entrenched personal network(s) with most of the major ministries, decision makers, and a close pulse on future potential direction(s) the leadership have for the State of Kuwait. Brig. Gen. Naseem served 31 years in the Kuwait Armed Forces and was head of the F/A 18 Aircraft Program, served as a liaison in the U.S. for a few years and closely monitored the progress of the program goals and objectives. The Brig. Gen. became Head of Procurement for all the Kuwaiti Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, & Special Forces) for about a decade.


IGSS Kuwait





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